The Who, the What and the Why:  Cat Bowyer

Cat has institutional training in visual arts and fine art education from Purdue University.  After putting some time into teaching art in public schools, she realized that so much of the cut and dry, 9-5, systematic day to day didn't encourage process, but merely a product to be tagged and recorded.  More often than not, she finds herself drawn to teaching art to the community through venues that cater elements of art as therapy to life's hardships.  The processes within creating leads to new questions asked, and sometimes leave us with the unexpected.  Cat reacts to the unexpected in her art and compares those questions to the trials of being female in the home, on the streets and within the body.  As Cat raises consciousness of oppression through an artistic voice, she reacts by using paint, pen, paper, thread, fabric, metal, and found objects.  Collaboration and conversation are welcome. 

To succeed in this artistic lifestyle choice, she creates small tokens of adornment for purchase, consignment, and commission.   

Treasures from the wasteland of experiments can be found here.  

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